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Donate to USO March Air Force Deployment Center

Picture of Donate to USO March Air Force Deployment Center
USO March Air Force Deployment Center - Our troops deserve more than PB&J - donate today!
The price must be from $0.00 to $25,000.00
The 2019-2020 ELR (Executive Leadership Roundtable) group selected a community project that not only benefits the greater Corona community, but the entire Southwest Region. The project description has many components, all taking place on base at the Bob Hope USO March Air Force Base Deployment Center.
The USO strengthens America's military service members by keeping them connected to family, home and country throughout their service to the nation. The Bob Hope USO at March ARB Joint Regional Deployment Center opened in March 2018. Each year, 60,000 to 90,000 individual troops transit as units deploy, redeploy and travel for training rotations at Twentynine Palms, Fort Irwin and elsewhere in the region.
Together with dozens of volunteers, Bob Hope USO serves snacks (mostly PB&J) and refreshments to those waiting several hours before they deploy with a send-off from our dedicated volunteers. It was at March Field where Bob Hope first performed for the troops in 1941, and they are delighted to continue to serve today.
The service project will allow the expansion of service to include more hot food options made possible with a full upgraded kitchen facility. If that was all the ELR participants agreed to, that would have been enough! The group will also be funding the much-needed connectivity through newly installed Wi-Fi, as well as open an office that will allow for recruiting, training and bringing on new volunteers to help us execute the mission.
"Basically, we all agreed that we want to help provide more than a PB& J sandwich," shares Navy Federal Credit Union's Natasha Johnson (Chair of the ELR Community Project 2019-2020). "If you agree with that, we would love your support in helping to raise awareness and support for this exciting service project."

On behalf of the very enthusiastic 2019-2020 ELR Leaders, thank YOU!


The Executive Leadership Roundtable program is a CORONA Chamber exclusive! Applicants submit their completed questionnaire and application to the CORONA Chamber for the panel to review, followed by a vigorous interview. A final selection process of these participants finds the group of motivated, well-established leaders that will meet for 10 months for various themed days. From Education to Homeland Security to Health and Human Services, Economic Development, Public Safety, Government, and Arts and Culture, the days are long, but very informative. In addition to participating in these themed days, ELR program participants select one (1) community outreach project. Some years, they create a new project, while others adopt an existing program. This year, the 2019-2020 ELR participants will be raising funds for the Bob Hope USO at March Air Reserve Base.

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