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Donate to FLAG - Front-Line Appreciation Group

Picture of Donate to FLAG - Front-Line Appreciation Group
The Front Line Appreciation Group exists to show healthcare workers gratitude while supporting local eateries by purchasing meals for nightshift workers with funds donated by the community.
The price must be from $0.00 to $10,000.00
We love our Healthcare professionals! And during this very difficult time, our Healthcare professionals are going above and beyond - they put their lives in harms way. 

In the true CORONA CA spirit, we are asking for our community to show some LOVE to these hard working individuals - monies collected will purchase meals for them.

Understanding that a 24-hour care facility requires many different challenges, and not all amenities are available. We don't think that the front line workers on the hospital night shifts, who are risking their lives for us, should eat from vending machines, do you?

We want to help our local restaurants thrive during this pandemic and we think that if we buy their food for these front-line workers, it would be a WIN-WIN!

If the residents of Corona, CA can come together to help our own, it will show the world that Corona is doing its part to overcome the Coronavirus!

** This was inspired by Liz Field Bernich from Chatham, NJ who wanted to support local restaurants while also providing meals to hospital front line workers who are working tirelessly, and she came up with FLAG: Front-Line Appreciation Group! And she is helping so many in her area of Chatham and Madison, New Jersey. So we are starting one HERE in Corona, CA.

If you want to participate, you can donate money through the Corona Chamber of Commerce Foundation, and not only will it be a tax write-off, but monies raised will pay restaurants to deliver food to local hospitals and possible other front line workers in Corona, CA.

In partnership with "MobileMary" at Another Brilliant Idea

And to focus our efforts and start conversations, a group on Facebook has been created: FLAG (front-line appreciation group) of Corona, CA

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