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2021 Labor Law Posters

Picture of 2021 Labor Law Posters
Don't be caught out of compliance! Secure your 2021 Labor Law posters now for the new year. Available in English and Spanish (non-laminated).
Labor law posters are mandated state and federal employment law notices that employers with at least one employee or more are required to conspicuously post in an area frequented by all employees. Remote workers must each receive a physical labor poster as well. Failure to display the correct state and federal employment law notices can result in penalties, fines and lawsuits. Choose from English or Spanish.
2021 Labor Law Posters (Non-Laminated, English)
2021 Labor Law Posters (Non-Laminated, Spanish)
2021 Labor Poster - First One FREE!
Members who reserve by 02/01/21 will receive one free 2021 California & Federal Labor Law Poster in English.

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