Veterans' Resources

Riverside County has more than 134,000 former service members who live right here. Did you know that? 

AB226 – Assembly Bill 226 expedites the process for spouses of active US military service members to get a CA teaching credential.  

This bill would require the commission to grant or deny a completed application for a credential within 7 days of the date that the commission received the application if the applicant supplies the commission with evidence that the applicant is married to, or in a domestic partnership or other legal union with, an active duty member of the Armed Forces of the United States who is assigned to a duty station in this state under official active duty military orders and holds a valid teaching credential in another state, district, or territory of the United States.
This will help spouses of those relocated will be able to apply for a new credential in their new state in a timely manner. 

New resources available at Norco College

  1. 2 Million dollars have been allocated to build a Veteran’s Resource Center, larger than the existing one. (Should be completed late 2019 or 2020).
  2. 5 Million dollars have been allocated to build an Early Childhood Education Center for Veterans and their families. 
  3. They are working on a housing project where they would like to utilize nearly 70 acres on the Norco campus to create affordable housing for Veterans. Dr. Bryan Reece has met with 5 different developers over the past 5 months. He is very excited about this project.
  4. Articulation – Recognizing and applying military training as classes completed for different programs. If the state would apply just one semester credit for education Veterans receive during their active duty, the government could save 1 BILLION dollars in resources for Veterans that could be utilized in healthcare or other needed areas.