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Thoro Packaging Donates 100,000 Face Shields to Riverside University Health System to Aide in the Sh

Corona, California, May 15, 2020 - Thoro packaging has joined the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by manufacturing 100,000 single-use face shields to be donated to local area hospitals. Thoro is one of over 45 packaging firms world-wide who are donating their materials, production floors, and know-how to help aid with the massive personal protective equipment (PPE) shortage hospitals are facing during this pandemic. Every participating company has committed to donating a minimum of 100,000 shields.

To aid in this part of the project, Clearwater Paper donated the board used in creating the face shields, and Decco Graphics added the required windowing for the shields at a reduced cost.

The 100,000 face shields, scheduled to be completed on May 13th, will be donated to the Riverside University Health System – Public Health Office.

The organization Fiber Shield was started by two packaging companies. Zumbiel Packaging in Kentucky and Pawi in Switzerland.

“Thoro Packaging could not pass on the opportunity to support our healthcare workers, travel being difficult and access to hospitals restricted they not only provide the medical care to our loved ones but also the emotional support that keeps them going, so thank you and stay safe,” said Claude Dardant, COO of Thoro Packaging.

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Every participating company is committing to donate

at least 100,000 shields, but that is only the start. Pawi, Zumbiel Packaging and Pulver

Packaging have already committed to donating over 700,000 shields to medical providers

in Europe and North America who are at the epicenter of the pandemic. The group is

confident that they can produce and distribute over 10 million face shields in the next

several weeks.

Ed Zumbiel of Zumbiel Packaging and Board Member Paperboard Packaging Council said,

“After speaking with the New York State Department of Health on phone last week, I

realized the true severity of the situation in this country: medical professionals are risking

their lives for us, yet they can’t procure face shields at any price. Zumbiel Packaging

committed to providing 200,000 paperboard/poly face shields, and although grateful, the

Dept. of Health said they could use even more.”

“If you can make a donut box, you can make a face shield. They’re easy to manufacture,

and the Fiber Shield.Org website offers simple designs that only require cutting and

windowing—no glue,” Zumbiel notes. Zumbiel is referring to the idea that the design

doesn’t require a separate folding/gluing processthe shields require glue only for

the windowing process. To aid in this part of the project, Capital Adhesives has donated

adhesives to the effort.

Thoro Packaging Donates 100,000 Face Shields to Riverside University Health System to Aide in the Shortage of PPE

About Thoro Packaging

Thoro Packaging designs and manufactures folding cartons for the medical, pharmaceutical, health and beauty, and specialty product markets. By combining commitment to quality and continuous improvement with passionate innovation and state- of-the-art technology, Thoro consistently delivers exceptional customer service. Thoro Packaging is based in Southern California and services customers globally. For more information on Thoro Packaging, visit

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