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Steps for Corona Businesses to Expand Operations Outdoors

Businesses looking to expand should start with getting permission from the property manager, then contacting the City of Corona Planning Department with a site plan showing the property and their temporary outdoor setup with some details and dimensions for review.

  • For setups that are in the sidewalk in front of the suite, they are checking to make sure there is still an unobstructed 4-foot minimum wide pathway for pedestrian/ADA access.

  • For setups in the parking lot, they are checking to make sure that main drive aisles for vehicular circulation are not blocked, and any temporary fencing at corners are not obstructing driver’s line-of-sight.

  • For restaurants that are setting up anywhere outdoors (grass area, interior courtyards, parking lots, etc), they are checking that the business has a temporary barrier around the outdoor dining area if they are also serving alcohol, to comply with the Dept of Alcoholic Beverage Control regulations.

  • The Fire Dept. will be looking at any canopies over 800 sq. ft., fenced in areas, and checking that there is no locking hardware on the gates and fire extinguishers. For restaurants, they also review the seating plan to be sure the restaurant is not over occupancy for the area proposed.

The process is simple, and the Planning Dept. is accepting site plans by email or at the public counter. They are able to review and approve these site plans within 1-2 days depending on staff availability since it also involves review by the Building and Fire Departments. There is no fee.

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