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Eagle Glen Golf Club Re-Opens for Play

Eagle Glen Golf Club is now Re-Open for play as of 4/21/2020 and excited to welcome back our guests under the NEW PARK and PLAY Program.

The National Golf Course Owner’s Association (NGCOA) feels it’s important to support public health and safety initiatives. So to adhere to the social distancing requirement, the NGCOA have created this list of measures golf courses can take to implement a "Park and Play" program at our course. The Park and Play program gives golfers confidence that they can drive to your course, park their cars, get to and around the course, and back to the parking lot in as safe an environment as possible.

These measures align with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) “social distancing” and sanitation practices, and have been reviewed and approved by a physician at the Infectious Diseases Society of America.

Eagle Glen Golf Club has adopted by our staff and with the assistance from our customers, the following measures which will allow our course to continue operations, help the public feel more comfortable, and set expectations on near term limitations during this trying time:

  • Please pay in advance when possible; either over the phone with a credit card, or book on-line
  • Show up to a pre-positioned sanitized cart and proceed to the first tee with minimized personal contact.
  • Take-out or To-Go Service ONLY are available at 951.278.2842 X221
  • Leave all Pins in the Cup at all times.  A great time for “gimmies”
  • We have removed/covered all ball washer stations, water jugs, sand bottles, trash cans
  • We have removed all rakes from bunkers (please use your foot to smooth out foot prints) or play as a “non-hazard” and remove your ball for play.
  • We have spread out driving Range Stalls
  • Golf Carts have removed all pencils, scorecards, coolers and sand bottles
  • Once your round is over please remove all trash from cart, return carts to staging area, and no gatherings in parking lot or Club surroundings
  • All customers and staff will maintain the CDC recommended minimum 6 foot distancing and will wear face coverings.

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