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CEO's Perspective: 2/8/2021

CEO’s Perspective:
CORONA Chamber Opposes Government Involvement in Additional Compensation Pay
As the Pandemic is finally being managed with testing being done regularly and vaccines becoming available, the curve is going in the downward direction…hope to reopen Riverside County and the State of CA seems to be within weeks!!! Just when things are going in that direction, some Governmental agencies, municipalities specific, are sticking their noses where they do not belong.
The CORONA Chamber has signed on to the letter crafted by the CAL Chamber that is being sent out this week.
Join us this Wednesday, as our Advocacy Advisor, Jeff Gibson will be discussing Saving You 30% Or More On A Proposed Wage Hike
Our 2020 Board Chair, Don Williamson, stated: “I spent 40 years in the grocery business. As an hourly paid Retail Clerk in 1978, I walked a picket line. Later, more than a few times in my career, I crossed picket lines to work as a salaried member of the management team.  As Americans who understand not only capitalism, but the relationship between organized labor and business, we know government has no place in assigning salary or benefits to any private enterprise, especially for employees that are represented by a strong union that have negotiated and signed collective bargaining agreements. It is an outrage what these city councils are trying to legislate.”
Fortunately, CORONA City Council has not touched this arena, however, rest assured, the CORONA Chamber continues to keep our eye on local, regional, state, and federal issues! We invite you to participate on our weekly Wednesday morning, CORONA Chamber Business Briefing sessions. The registration fee is included as part of being a member of our Chamber! Contact for more information.

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