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2022 Labor Law Posters

Join us on Wednesday, January 5th for updates on some of the new laws that will impact your business (zoom link here).
Additionally, please note, the NEW LABOR LAW POSTERS will be mailed to your business as soon as we receive them. 
Unfortunately, like last year there have been delays in the government agencies approving and releasing the verbiage that must go on the poster. Our supplier is awaiting updates from two government agencies before they can start shipping the all-in-one 2022 California and Federal Labor Law posters, which is anticipated within a day or two, meaning we will have them by January 15. 
Please note, as a member of the CORONA Chamber, you will receive one copy for free, additional copies can be ordered. 
Though we don’t anticipate any enforcement agencies checking during the first few weeks of January for compliance, please know we are working with all agencies. State Senator Roth is a tremendous advocate for us, and his office will help alleviate any challenges. 

Also, all Corona Chamber members are legally in compliance just by being a member of the Chamber, as we are mailing out the new California labor law posters to all our members, free, as part of your membership.
Again, one poster will be mailed to your business’ mailing address. Subsequent documents like the 2022 State Disability Insurance pamphlets, and the kits containing these items will ship in mid-January. 
As soon as approval is granted and the language released, they start printing and shipping.

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