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The Pilates Circle Corona


Fitness (see Health & Wellness - Fitness & Gyms)Minority-Owned BusinessWoman-Owned Business

About Us

At The Pilates Circle, we encourage and train all individuals looking to achieve their fitness goals through classical and contemporary Pilates exercises to bring benefit to their daily lives. Your first class is always FREE. Who can do Reformer Pilates? Anyone and everyone! There are many, many exercises, including those first-time beginners to advanced practitioners. The Pilates practice enhances the ability to focus on the sensations of your body awareness of comfort or pain, your emotions, and your surrounding environment. It decreases stress and boosts your immunity, mood, and helps improve sleep. Stay moving with smooth transitions between precise and controlled movements, which will increase strength and flexibility. In turn this improves mobility in the body, which helps reduce chance of injuries and improve in daily activities. Improving quality of life, Pilates enhances memory and brain function in all age groups. Lowers blood pressure and improves heart health and helps reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, which can increase life span. Your core, center of the body from which all movement stems, is key factor in decreasing back and hip pain. Strengthening the core through Pilates improves posture, prevents injuries, increases energy all while enhancing sports performance and every day activities.


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