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Kobelco Compressors America, Inc.


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About Us

We are a world leader in the application of rotary screw compressor technology. We specialized in compression systems for use in heavy industrial applications, such as Power Plants, Refinery, Offshore, Petrochemical, LNG, etc.

Kobelco offers custom-Engineered Compression Solutions. We design, manufacture and package compressors for virtually any air and process gas application. Each system is custom-engineered for optimum performance and outstanding return on investment. Through innovative technology and quality manufacturing, Kobelco delivers solutions that boost productivity, reduce operating costs and safeguard the environment.

Kobelco began manufacturing compressors in 1915 and remains Japan’s oldest compressor company. Today, the Company operates worldwide and is a leader in compressor technology, engineering and innovation. Kobelco provides both process gas and standard air compressors and is unique in that it provides all three major types of gas compressors: rotary screw, reciprocating and centrifugal. The results are optimum performance and lowest overall costs of ownership, which is why we are the best solution for any gas compression!

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