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Bach To The Basics, LLC


Classes - Music

About Us

Bach To The Basics in Corona, CA, is your community's musical haven. We specialize in personalized, one-on-one music lessons, fostering a deep love for music in every student. Our expert instructors bring a wealth of experience, ensuring top-notch education.

What Sets Us Apart:

Expert Instructors: Our passionate team is committed to musical excellence.
Bands and Collaborative Opportunities: Join bands, creating a supportive musical community.
Recitals for All Seasons: Celebrate achievements with summer and winter recitals.
Community Engagement:
Beyond our studio, we're deeply involved in the community. Our founder, a musical director and accompanist, collaborates with local schools and theaters, enriching the vibrant arts scene in Corona.

Join Us on the Musical Journey:
Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, Bach To The Basics welcomes everyone. Discover the joy of learning, the thrill of performance, and the camaraderie of a musical community.

At Bach To The Basics, we don't just teach music; we inspire a lifelong love for it.


  • One-on-one private music lessons
  • Exciting summer and winter recitals
  • Preschool to College Prepatory levels of instruction
  • Expert instruction from experienced music educators
  • Emphasis on personalized learning and growth


Peter with a few members of the Norco High School Choir he accompanies
Corona Norco Day of The Child Event
First performance accompanying the incredibly talented Norco High School Choir!
Winter Recital and Christmas Party 2023
"Ugly Sweater" Band
Some things cannot be bought (hat) they have to be earned

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